checkMARC® Your Lights. Your Materials. Your Curing Times.

checkMARC from BlueLight Analytics is the only professional service (NIST standard) that provides evidence based information to determine the curing time needed based on the curing lights and materials used in your clinic.

Improve Quality Control

90% of all checkMARC tests result in changes to clinical light curing protocols. Let your dental practice rise above the competition with the checkMARC light testing service.

Reduce Unbillable Chair Time

How long do I cure? 50% of dentists' income is reliant on light curing of materials. With an average of 1000 restorations/year, protect your practice revenues with checkMARC.

Enhance Patient Outcomes

What is causing post-op sensitivity? Avoid premature restoration failures by getting your curing light tested with checkMARC.

Global experts are in agreement

Regularly monitor and record the light output over time, with the same measurement device and light guide. Repair or replace the LCU when it no longer meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Light Curing Guidelines for Practitioners - A Consensus Statement (2014)
Panel of 40 Key Opinion Leaders from Academia and Industry

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All lights eventually degrade

Avoid premature restoration failures and unwanted post-op sensitivity, and cure with confidence.